About Us


With humble beginnings, inspired by love for the culture, history, religious traditions, language, customs and a strong desire to serve the community and keep them connected to their roots and heritage; Radio Desh Punjab started in 1978, as a collective effort by a small group of friends who shared similar passion and motivations.

It was a weekly half-hour program of community news and Punjabi music. The contents were prepared or assembled at home, using very basic tools and equipment. The program was broadcast by a community radio station located in Wetaskiwin, Alberta.

Finally, in 1998, arrangements were made to broadcast Punjabi language radio programs 24/7, using Subsidiary Communications Multiplex Operation (SCMO) - essentially a subcarrier on a broadcasting station.

This created opportunities for setting up well appointed facilities for production and broadcasting and also enabled more varied local and shared content to be broadcast at different times for different groups of audiences.

It would be fair to say that what you know today, as Radio Desh Punjab, is a result of almost forty years of journey, full of challenges, sometimes hard and painful - but rewarding nonetheless."